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  1. GENERAL INFORMATION only is often found on the web. Information on procedures and results that are provided via our online and printed materials is often of a general nature.
  2. BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS of patients depict actual patient results by our Surgeons; however, it is important to remember that individual patient results can vary significantly, and that you may get a different type of result than another patient even if you feel you look similar in the "before" photo(s). Every individual has NOT only a completely unique physique, but also uniquely individualistic body healing capacities, scarring tendencies and recovery processes — some of which are unpredictable even in very-healthy patients who rest adequately and do ALL the other right things before and after their procedure.
  3. Information you view online or in a brochure, including BEFORE & AFTER Surgery images, should be discussed in detail with your Plastic Surgeon — e.g., please clarify the information you read during your Consultation with one of our leading Specialist Plastic Surgeons and DO NOT HESITATE to ask ANY and EVERY question you have before consenting to a surgical or non-surgical procedure.
  4. Information on our website, brochures, newsletters and other materials IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE for a personalized, individual consultation that includes a physical examination, history taking, a discussion of the potential risks including potential common complications, pros and cons of various procedural options, and the likely outcome (OUTCOME EXPECTATIONS) of your surgical procedure.
  5. Only an in-person consultation and examination can help your Surgeon to provide you with information about what you, personally, as a unique individual, can expect.
  6. Remember that ALL surgery is likely to produce a lasting, permanent scar — and that it is likely this scar will fade over approximately 12 to 15 months or longer, but that some scars are unpredictable and some skin types are prone to quite pronounced scarring.
  7. It's important to also understand that there are still unpredictable components to all surgery procedures; including exposure to experiencing potential complications (some of which could be life-threatening), unwanted appearance or scarring outcomes and other risks associated with your surgical procedure or non-surgical rejuvenation treatments.
  8. Be sure you are comfortable with ANY and ALL of the potential risks before consenting to Surgery. Some risks can be controlled for better than others; but some risks simply cannot be abated.
  9. Be sure you follow your Surgeon's pre-op and post-op recommendations for best recovery and procedure outcomes.
  10. Do check your Plastic Surgeon's qualifications so that you feel comfortable with your Surgeon choice – our Plastic Surgeons are fully-qualified and have years of expertise in cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.
  11. Be certain to ask your Specialist Plastic Surgeon about what YOU can expect from YOUR procedure and your procedure choices; discuss in full the risks involved and decide, for yourself, if you're actually prepared to risk the potential complications and risks which are inherent with these types of surgical or rejuvenation procedures.
  12. Clarify with your Surgeon whether WHAT YOU WANT or EXPECT from your procedure(s) is:
    (a) realistic, (b) achievable, (c) suitable for your body type or health conditions.
  13. It is very important for Surgery patients that you are a definite NON SMOKER — not even social smoker.
  14. It is also quite helpful for Surgery Patients who are not finished having their families to have clear understandings about how any surgery can potentially impact, for example, future breast feeding or the abdominal area.
  15. Plan well for your surgery, healing and recovery time, as well as your surgery payment options; we feel it's important to offer Quality Surgery experiences and outcomes rather than discounted, production line types of surgeries performed in 'back rooms' — so for all major surgeries, expect to have your Surgery performed in an well equipped Hospital.
  16. If you want to get a better sense of our team before a consultation, our Clinic Councilor will be happy to meet you to answer your pre-consultation questions if you are contemplating which Surgeon to schedule your surgery with, or have preliminary questions you'd like answered by a Councilor.
  17. Results can be quite long-lasting, but some procedures will require updates from time to time (for example, breast implants will need to be examined regularly and likely replaced or taken out at approximately the 10 year mark, sometimes earlier for some patients).
  18. Other options may be available and we recommend investigating all of your options before making any surgery decisions. Some appearance changes that are sought by patients could be achieved via other means, such as non-surgical methods. But some desired appearance changes are simply not amenable to change through exercise or nutrition alone, and some people prefer a surgical solution for more lasting results.

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  • This state of the art facility "Revive Clinic" at Lucknow is headed by Dr. M. M. Gupta, MS, MCh, DNB a name to reckon with. Headin

  • This state of the art facility 'Revive Clinic' at Lucknow is headed by Dr. M. M. Gupta, MS, MCh, DNB a name to reckon with.

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State of Art CenterLatest Equipment & Techniques

  • We use latest Equipments & Techniques to deliver top class Cosmetic Surgery Service
  • Our center have relaxing environment with modern facilities and look

Qualified Doctor & StaffBoard Certified and Specialized Team

  • Dr. M. M. Gupta is; experienced, highly qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeon; providing surgical services of International Standard.
  • Our team consists of trained and caring staffs, available 24x7 for patient's care.

World Class ResultsMaximum Patient Satisfaction

  • Combination of State of Art Center and Experienced, Highly Qualified & Skilled Cosmetic Surgeon bring out world class results, every patient expect.
  • You can see Live Surgical Procedures and also meet our satisfied clients to gain confidence about our Excellent Results.

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